Ladino - Lecture-Performance

Together with musicologist Dr. Susana Weich- Shahak, collector and researcher of ladino musical traditions for the past 30 years, and whose recordings of informants comprise the better part of ladino recordings in Israel’s National archives.

A lecture or a series of lectures by Dr. Susana Weich- Shahak accompanying singer Orit Perlman on qanun and percussion instruments.

In the past performed together in Bar Ilan University, and more. Lectures:
1. Sefaradic Panorama: Ladino genres
2. Life cycle in Ladino Song
3. Jewish Yearly Cycle in ladino song

"A Journey in Sefarad"

Ladino song based on the informant recordings of Dr. Susana Weich- Shahak, from the array of traditions from the Balkans through Morrocco. Three of the main genres, Romancero, Cantigas, and Coplas will be represented. Throughout are translations and explanations. Acoompanied by authentic instruments: Ariel Qassis on qanun, with an option of other instruments (oud and percussion).

El Testamento de Aman, Izmir

Morenika, Izmir

Videos from "Massa Im Shoshana"

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