Orit Perlman

Cantorial soloist, singer of Jewish music and composer.

Graduated HUC's program for Israeli cantorial solosists.

Has been serving families and congregations in Israel and the United States since 1995 as prayer leader of Shabbat, High Holidays, and life cycle cerenonies, particularly as officiator of bar mitsvah and bat mitsvah ceremonies.
These include HUC Jerusalem, "Moreshet Yisrael" and "Mevakshei Derekh" (Jerusalem), "Sulam Yaakov" (Zichron), "Or Chadash" (Haifa) and "Yedid Nefesh" (Naharia), and "Ohel Avraham" in Haifa, "Rodef Shalom" (Waco Texas).

Three time recipient of "Shalshelet 2008" festival of New Liturgical Jewish Music award.
Three time recipient of "Shalshelet 2010" festival New Liturgical Jewish Music award.

Published in TCM's 4th and 5th Shabbat Anthologies.

Created workshop and "Tfilotai" disk in collaboration with HUC Jerusalem for educators and families on the topic of prayer. ". This workshop has been to given to childhood educators through thr BJE of greater Houston

Performs and gives workshops on the topic of prayer and congrgational Jewish melodies in Israel and in the United States, was given at CAJE 2003.
Created the workshop "Shalom Aleichem and my Angel" for writing personal prayers inspired by the traditions of Jewish musical traditions, texts and modern hebrew poetry.

Performs Yiddish with pianist Itai Alter and ladino with world reknowned ladino musicologist Dr. Susana Weich Shahak, qanun player Ariel Qasis and others.

In 2006 directed choir of "Moriah" coservative synogogue,

Performed original music for poetry of Dana Amir, Yehonadav Perlman, Rachel Asharov and Binyamin Alkobi at Metullah poetry festival, "Tsavta". Soloist for choirs "Gitit" and "Zamarei Hamadregal".
Discography: 2006 - "Tfilotai" - Hebrew prayer for family,  in collaboration with HUC Jerusalem
                      2010 - "Ot Azoi" - Yiddish folk music with a new interpretation, in partnership with Itay Alter
                      2011 - upcoming, Ladino from Saloniki - western and eastern traditions, a double disk, under the musical direction of Dr. Suzanna Weich-Shahak
                      2011 - upcoming, "M'ayin Yavo" - original music for Jewish spirituality

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